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A plumbing system is used for the purpose of water supply in any commercial and industrial area. The plumbing system consists of several pipes connected to each other through which water flows from one place to another place. For the transportation of water, pipes that are are generally used are made up of copper, galvanized steel, CPVC, HDPE, and PVC. Nowadays, PVC pipes are the most common pipes are used in plumbing systems because they don’t get rusted and lightweight.

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Types of plumbing systems in buildings:

The plumbing systems in commercial areas have a water tank situated underground in which water is supplied through the water department or municipal supply lines. From that underground water tank, water is supplied to the overhead tank with the help of piping distribution systems and pumps, and from there with the help of gravity, the water flows downwards and reaches the home outlets. The use of an overhead tank can be avoided if the water gets supplied directly from the underground tank to the home outlet and to do this use of pumps is required. The pumps give an uninterrupted supply of water along with the required outlets to the home outlets so that whenever a person opens the tap he gets the continuous supply of water with the adequate quantity of water coming.

Such pumps are known as hydro-pneumatic systems. Such pumps have a small tank made of steel in which there is water on one side and air on another side separated by a membrane of rubber. As the pump starts, the pump starts supplying water to the wet part of the pump which results in the expansion of the rubber membrane and the air starts compressing on the other side which causes extra pressure on the wet side from where the water supply line is connected. So, when a person opens the tap, he/she gets an adequate amount of water from the tap. This results in a decrease in the pressure and the pump gets again switched on automatically which helps in maintaining the water pressure and continuous supply of water to home outlets at the same time.

The main advantage of using such pumps in a plumbing system is that it eliminates the use of overhead tanks in buildings. There should be a continuous supply of water to make this system in operation efficiently, else if there is no power no water supply there will be.